Redefine Blockchain Storage
About YottaChain

Regarded as a more promising blockchain storage project than IPFS/ FileCoin, YottaChain forms an unified, vast scale, global-shared and self-healing storage pool by connecting decentralized storage resources. It ensures data sovereignty of everyone, has the highest data reliability, best data security and lowest storage cost.

YottaChain team is led by world's top scientist, has abundant technical experiences and industry resources in distributed storage, data security and enterprise applications. This team has broken through the key problem of de-duplication after encryption, which constrains the industry.

Blockchain storage
Blockchain storage is a combination of decentralized storage and blockchain incentive. It not only constitutes the infrastructure of blockchain, but also the best application of reshaping real economy, with overwhelming advantages over the existing centralized storage in traditional markets worth dozens of billions of dollars, such as persistent storage and network acceleration.
Values and limitations of IPFS/FileCoin
As the most famous blockchain storage project by far, IPFS/FileCoin broke the record of financing at that time with the tagline of “replacing http”, and broadly promoted the blockchain storage.
FileCoin, the incentive layer of IPFS, transformed the traditional mining method of wasting resource into contributing resource, so as to solve the problem of resource waste.
IPFS/ FileCoin does not encrypt the data due to limitation of unable to dedup after encryption, so that lacks effective mechanism of data security. Even in the latest version, the mechanism of data durability is still not available. As a result, it only applies to the network acceleration market for Internet companies. If not overhauled, it will be eliminated by the market of persistent storage and the storage of personal & enterprise data.
Redefine blockchain storage by YottaChain
Exclusive patented technology integrating data encryption and deduplication
Both zero-knowledge encryption and cross-user de-duplication, which were firmly believed to be incompatible in the “common sense” of whole industry, are decisive to blockchain storage. However, YottaChain has now solved this “impossible” problem in a disruptive way and has been grantedglobal patents for the “deduplication after encryption” technology. Encryption: each storage node is not trusted, personal & enterprise data must be zero-knowledge encrypted before being stored; Deduplication: cross-user data deduplication can enlarge storage space a lot, significantly reduce cost, and generate magic incentive model when combines with blockchain.
Data security mechanism ensures data sovereignty
The data security mechanism of YottaChain can guarantee that even the world's top hackers or system designer can not snoop on the data of ordinary users. Relevant technologies have been verified publicly in DefCon 2015 (the world's largest hacker event).
Data is 10K+ times more reliable than centralized storage
Data of YottaChain is coded into N+M fragments with the size of 1/N and each fragment is stored in one nodes, so that the data won’t be lost even if M nodes fail at same time. Meanwhile, by monitoring each other, new nodes will be selected immediately to rebuild data if any node fails. It is the powerful error-correcting code, fault isolation and self-healing mechanism that make the data at least ten thousands of times more reliable than centralized storage.
Storage cost is reduced to 1/5 or less
The global unified storage pool maximizes the deduplication rate, so as to reduce the storage cost to 1/5 or less. Furthermore, YottaChain has obvious advantage on the costs of cooling, bandwidth, operation & maintenance and utilizing sunk cost.
Seamlessly migrates applications of centralized storage
The centralized storage market is worthy of nearly $ 100 billion, YottaChain offers end-to-end solutions that are binarily compatible with the centralized storage, to seamlessly migrate existing applications on centralized storage to YottaChain storage directly, and enjoy the benefits of reliability, low cost, anti-DDos and disaster recovery capability immediately.
Open platform for blockchain storage without competition
This platform, based on the unique kernel technology, data security professional ability, data storage professional ability, and enterprise application professional ability, enables all blockchain storage systems (including IPFS/ FileCoin), provides DAPP with secure, reliable, low cost and unlimited volume decentralized storage, and drives the 3rd party blockchain storage system with kernel technologies, professional abilities and sharing the deduplication benefit.
Economic model integrating hedge and liquidity
YottaChain adopts a dual-layer token model constituted by asset backed resource token and market-oriented cryptocurrency. The resource token strictly anchors physical resources, 100% for mining, never excessive issuance and pricings by system, applicable to enterprise customer’s buying according budget and sound investment. The cryptocurrency adopts market pricing. Its value will keep growing as the fixed amount cryptocurrencies correspond to storage resources increased indefinitely.
System structure of YottaChain
Core contributor
YottaChain consultant
Alex Wang
World’s top scientist with 20+ years experience in cryptography application and nearly 10 years in distributed storage; winner of one of official top scientist award (Top 10 Youth Scientist); serial entrepreneur with track record of selling company at dozens millions dollars.
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