In active response to national policies, YTA (YottaChain) will accelerating technological innovation to galvanize storage industry transformation
2019-11-15 17:06:35

Recently, during the conference discussing status quo and trend of blockchain technology development in China, blockchain integration and application has been highlighted for its significant role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. The conference stressed we need to use blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies, and redouble efforts to develop a batch of key technologies by focusing on main directions and making more investment so as to speed up blockchain technology and industry innovation and development.


With the application of blockchain technology in digital finance, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields, major countries globally are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. In the past few years, China has achieved significant milestones in blockchain technology, but it still has lackluster performance in the application scenario. Therefore, how to land the blockchain technology will become an important industrial development trend. It was also mentioned in the meeting that as China has a good foundation for blockchain development, we need to accelerate blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and actively integrate blockchain technology with economic and social development.


Based on blockchain traits and market demand, storage is the best application scenario for blockchain technology application. With the advent of the era of big data, the data generated per year in the world is growing rapidly. According to IDC, the annual data size will exceed 400 billion GB by 2025. Centralized storage has reached the bottleneck in terms of reliability, what’s more, it is difficult to overcome the impact of data reliability and service stability merely through technological improvement. Against this backdrop, the emergence of blockchain storage will present new opportunities. As the most professional blockchain storage public chain, YTA has become a pioneer to break through the storage bottleneck and will bring disruptive changes to storage industry.


IT core technology has always been dominated by international giants, while in the field of blockchain technology, China boasts a good foundation and eco system. YTA’s founder Alex Wang once expressed we must lead real innovation of blockchain technology and advance blockchain technology to create value. Storage could be the best application scenario in which blockchain technology transforms the real economy. In this area, Chinese blockchain storage project represented by YTA can not only reach the world top level, but even stand the chance to become the №1 in the world.


In fact, standing at the top of the world is not just playing lip service, as a blockchain-driven transformer in real economy, YTA not only masters the core technology in blockchain storage, but also has more than 200 domestic and foreign patented technologies. With its core technology TruPrivacy, the only technology in the world can realize “encryption and deduplication”, YTA has the very capability to transform the industry structure.


Thus, YTA has been recognized by increasingly more forward-looking practitioners. From November 4th to 6th , “The Second Shenzhen International Distributed Storage Conference and Exhibition 2019 and The Third Shenzhen Blockchain Technology and Application Conference 2019” will be held in Shenzhen, which is an important part of another grand event “The 13th Shenzhen Financial Expo”, co-hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and Shenzhen Financial Office. YTA, which is committed to transforming the storage structure with blockchain, was invited to participate. Alex Wang, its founder, will deliver a keynote speech as a distinguished guest.


Exhibition will showcase blockchain storage projects and other 1000 financial institutions, which is expected to welcome more than 50000 professional investment agencies in financial industry, and present cooperation opportunities for blockchain distributed storage application in financial industry.


Since it inception one year before, YTA has pooled 126 super nodes and build a community with 2 million members. Its main net-accounting network will be launched on November 20th. And ever since then, YTA will successfully implement blockchain technology in data storage scenario, through which become the world’s first storage public chain that empower business and outperform the existing industry giants on core technical indicators.


Looking forward, YTA will stay true with its original aspiration. On the one hand, it will gradually expand commercial scale through more reliable, safer and lower cost storage services with unlimited capability; on the other hand, it will accelerate the transformation and reconstruction of real economy by blockchain technology in a down-to-earth way, so that China can forge ahead with this emerging technology in theoretical frontier, innovation competition and industry advantages.


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