YTA (YottaChain) Attends the 3rd Shenzhen Blockchain and Distributed Storage Conference and Exhibition 2019, Welcoming the Era of Blockchain Storage
2019-11-15 17:10:38

Recently, China has clearly stated we should prioritize blockchain development in our endeavor to advance independent innovative core technologies, and speed up blockchain technology and industry development, which leads to a recover for blockchain industry. After blockchain technology has been developing amidst twists and turns for 10 years, blockchain development in China began to return to rationality, focusing more on the integration with the real economy, and on how to land application in a down-to-earth manner.


On November 4th, the “2019 Third Shenzhen Blockchain and Distributed Storage Conference and Exhibition” was grandly opened in Shenzhen. The 3-day event, attracting numerous projects from distributed storage and   nearly 1,000 financial institutions, was a sub-forum of the 13th Shenzhen Financial Expo 2019, which co-hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and Shenzhen Financial Office. 


YTA (YottaChain) blockchain storage project stood out among numerous exhibiting projects, because it deals with the bottleneck of the centralized storage development. With a more reliable, safer, economical storage with bigger capacity, YTA steers the evolution of storage towards a promising future, making us anticipating a day when China can take the lead in a blockchain storage era. YTA's attendance is eye-catching in the exhibition, attracting many blockchain technology enthusiasts, professional investors, heads of  government departments, financial industry and large enterprises, who showed great interests in YTA projects. 


Founder of YTA Alex Wang, YTA Eco-Community Committee chairman Li Zhijiao, YTA Business Application Committee chairman Sun Wenming, YTA Education Committee chairman Jiang Qilin, and Yotta Eco Fund partner Zhang Fei attended the conference to give keynote speeches and share YTA's status quo and prospects with the audience.


YTA founder, Alex Wang delivers a keynote speech entitled   "What makes China occupy the global commanding heights of blockchain storage?" 


As the core technology of IT, storage has long been dominated by foreign giants, while blockchain storage has sparked new opportunities to China. Current national policies renders the enormous tolerance in bolstering revolutionary innovations, which encourages blockchain practitioners to forge ahead steadfastly. Boasts its 20 years expertise in  cryptography and 10 years in storage domain, YTA came to the fore as a late bloomer. Since its inception more than 1 year ago, resting on strong professionalism and high efficiency, YTA has already surpassed many peer projects in the US and achieved world top level with its world-beating technology. 


In terms of the core technical indicators of storage, YTA has formed a dimension reduction attack on and triumphed over the existing industry giants on data reliability, data security, service availability, disaster tolerance and anti-DDOS capabilities. Equipped with core technology in blockchain storage-TruPrivacy, the world's only technology that can achieve "encryption and deduplication", YTA creates a barrier to competition that cannot be overcome, and can ensure 5-10 times cost reduction while defending the sovereignty of user data. 


The importance of technology is self-evident, and the strength of “eco-system” cannot be underestimated. YTA is committed to a vision of “building the world's first blockchain storage eco system". Considering the commercial application as the “lifeline”, and adopting the “application+consensus” as the guiding concept for ecological construction, YTA strives to land blockchain in the application layer. By establishing Yotta Eco Fund, YTA empowers the big data industry and the upstream and downstream of blockchain industry. 


Mr. Li Zhijiao, chairman of YTA Ecological Community Committee, elaborates that ecological community is built based on value consensus


YTA targets the secondary storage market, CDN network acceleration market, and disaster recovery backup market; and through compatibility with centralized storage binaries, the existing centralized storage applications can be seamlessly migrated to YTA storage. At present, YTA has completed the construction of 6 application ecosystems and provided commercial application solutions for various industries including disaster recovery backup, document cloud, medical, security and so on. 


Mr. Sun Wenming, chairman of YTA Business Application Committee, holds that it is necessary to create a business-friendly ecosystem for win-win cooperation.


At the same time, supported by local government, Yotta Eco Fund is investing and creating a “blockchain+” ecosystem suited to local conditions, in a bid to land commercial applications for traditional industry transformation. In order to implement infrastructure work for local digital economic construction, YTA has built the first data center in Dongying city of Shandong province. Yotta Fund, which focuses on blockchain storage, big data, cloud computing, mining pools, wallets and other upstream and downstream industrial chains, has held stakes in PolarChain, GTA gene chain, and YStar. In the future, YTA will include medical health, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing into YTA ecosystem, where they can  promote and empower each other, thus accelerating real economy transformation and reconstruction. 


Yotta Eco Fund partner Mr. Zhang Fei expresses Yotta Eco Fund will help upgrade the blockchain storage industry


Owning to the trust for blockchain storage prospect and the recognition of YTA, YTA is home to 126 super nodes and nearly 2 million community users. 500 ecological nodes are rapidly flourishing, and 1500 ecological nodes will join us in near future. Storage is a basic application required by general needs, YTA hopes to create a storage ecosystem for hundreds of millions of users in the future. 


Mr. Jiang Qilin, chairman of YTA Education Committee, analyzes factors leading to YTA's success from multiple dimensions


According to the plan, as the first commercially available storage public chain, YTA will be officially launched on November 20th. This demonstrates the real landing of blockchain storage, and also represents the initial success in transforming the real economy; Since then, YTA will continue to expand commercialization scale and market penetration through more reliable, safer and economical storage services, ultimately surpassing centralized storage giants. We believe "Blockchain Storage is YTA", and YTA is charting a new course in blockchain storage era as a disruptor in the storage industry. 


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