YTA (YottaChain) is about to launch main-net ahead of schedule on Nov. 18th
2019-11-15 18:06:23

According to the latest official news of YTA (YottaChain), as a result of all-round advancements attributed to grueling efforts made by technical team, its mainnet-accounting network will officially go online on Nov. 18th, two days ahead of the original plan (November 20th).  The Genesis Node will be put into operation as the first node running on accounting net, followed by gradual docking with super nodes. With all 126 super nodes connected, accounting network will be activated.


The early launch of accounting network symbolizes an important milestone in YTA main network plan, marking the world first commercial-use storage public chain starts to operate. The team will speed up th development process and strive to roll out storage network in advance at the end of this December. At the same time, YTA is also making vigorous efforts in ecosystem construction, commercial applications promotion in order to accelerate the transformation of real economy. 


It is reported that after the YTA storage network goes line, YTA will give priority to accessing the mining pools to which main super node, super node, and ecological node belongs. The miner needs to mortgage the corresponding quantity of service quality guarantee (YTA token) according to their storage space in exchange for storage mining qualifications and quotas. At the initial stage, miner can obtain 1TB quota when mortgaging 1024 YTA.


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