The official launch of main network - accounting embodies YottaChain is a quick mover in China's storage public chain industry
2019-11-20 18:55:40

At 14 o'clock on Nov.18th (UCT+8), along with the official launch of YottaChain main network-accounting network, the genesis node started to run on it as the first node. The launch came 2 days earlier according to its original schedule of Nov.20th. YottaChain not only fulfilled promise, but also brought surprises to user. Currently, 126 super nodes docking are under way, once done, accounting network will be activated.


With the source code of accounting network opened through GitHub on November 15th, users can view YottaChain latest developments through GitHub distributed version control system. At the same time, YOTTASCAN blockchain browser (address: is officially launched, on which users of super nodes, ecological nodes and YottaChain can query network overview outline , transaction hash, block number and account information. 


After the test network launched on June 29th, YottaChain team continued to fine-tune it by running usability testing, stability and safety testing, stress testing, whereby improving system performance and stability. The team also iteratively updated system version, improved data heartbeat monitoring and other functions, therefore yielding a satisfying result of earlier launch of accounting network.


In order to speed up project progress and shorten the "time to run", YottaChain chose to build system based on commercial viability, rather than challenge academic puzzles.  With 20 years of solid experience in cryptography field and 10 years in storage field, YottaChain realized its aspiration to overshadow existing IT giants like AWS by outperforming them in numerous core technical indicators including data persistence, service availability, data consistency, disaster tolerance, and anti-DDoS attacks, therefore establishing a data security system that is absolutely safe from technology and business perspectives. What is more, it has cut cost by at least 50% compared with centralized storage, which will be reduced by up to 90% as users increase. 


So as to accelerate application in commercial field, YottaChain got off to a good start from persistent storage and disaster recovery backup market by providing a standard S3 object storage interface, and it plans to provide a NAS storage interface that can seamlessly interface with tens of billions of dollars of object storage and NAS storage market. As early as this July, YottaChain inked a commercial application strategy with iSunTV, a company integrating new financial, new technology and new media, and A-share listed company, Fangzhi Technology, a leading provider of quality education resources.  Currently YottaChain has made many major breakthroughs in commercialization process: it has reached a strategic cooperation with domestic core partners of Synology, the world's largest NAS equipment provider. With the preliminary test docking finished, both parties will offer data security service for individuals, small and medium enterprises by leveraging Synology products and YottaChain blockchain storage which is safe, reliable and economical. Meanwhile, YottaChain worked in tandem with Hikvision (the world's leading video-centered IoT solution provider) as well as core partners to reach strategic cooperation agreement, so that provide a series of network video surveillance for household and small and medium-sized enterprise and video storage solutions based on YottaChain blockchain storage. 


Confronted with a situation where centralized storage has been plagued by its reliability, YottaChain emerges as a disruptor in the storage industry, striving to deliver a new data storage featuring huge capacity, reliability, safety and low cost. Then, YottaChain can build a multi-dimensional ecosystem, paving the way for advancing digital economy.  After many industries have been further driven by applying technologies like edge computing, biological genes, energy big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, Yotta Eco Fund is vigorously promote "blockchain+" ecosystem in line with the local situation, which demonstrates it responds to national policies and government's determination. In the way, traditional industry can have a chance to develop by leaps and bounds. Till now, many data centers have been constructed in Dongying City of Shandong and Chengdu City of Sichuan. YottaFund, which mainly focuses on the upstream and downstream enterprises in blockchain storage, big data, cloud computing industries, has also invested in PolarChain, GTA gene chain, and Ystar. 


Fueled by its ever-developing technology and aspiration to build a full-fledged ecosystem, YottaChain successfully transformed from a redefiner to a leader in blockchain storage industry. “Blockchain Storage is YottaChain” has been highly recognized by more and more people. At present, YottaChain has gathered 126 nodes and is developing 1500 ecological nodes. The community has reached 2 million+ and continues to grow. In the blueprint of blockchain storage ecosystem planned by YottaChain, it plans to reach 100 million digital users in the future.  


Has launched its main network-accounting network in advance, 4 months ahead of the plan made by FileCoin, a US rival, YottaChain   took the first step in the official launch of the world's first commercially available storage chain. With this good start, the team will speed up the development process and expect to put storage network in place in advance at the end of this December.


Shusheng Xingji (Beijing) Technology, a core code contributor of YottaChain and executive deputy director unit of China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Committee, received  congratulatory letters from China Communications Industry Association Low-Power Wireless Communication Committee, China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Special Committee, Beijing Haidian Credit Industry Association BlockChain Chip Technical Committee and Central Chain Laboratory (Shenzhen) , Guojing'an Laboratory (Shenzhen), Digital Rights Laboratories (Shenzhen) and BlockChain Chip Engineering Technology Research Institute (Beijing), in which they proposed to call "Nov.18th" as "Distributed Storage Innovation Day" each year, and declared to make concerted efforts to bring blockchain technology into full play in digital economy and in every aspects of social and economic development.


There is a long way to go for YottaChain, as an innovator in blockchain storage industry, to overtake the United States to hold the commanding heights of IT core technology, no matter in innovating blockchain storage or transforming real economy through blockchain, but YottaChain is fully convinced that it can make it a question of “when” instead of “if”.  

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