YottaChain Project Biweekly Report (Dec. 16th -Dec. 28th )
2019-12-31 14:41:51


Recent technology development progress

2019 Dec. 24th marks the fully launch of YottaChain main network, opening a new era of commercial use of blockchain storage, thereby creating new milestone in blockchain development history. Technology development >

1, Full test before storage network launch;

2, Adjust and integrate quota management module;

3, Set LRC module stateless to prevent the potential risk of repeated allocation of handles under high concurrency;

4, Calibrate relay and encryption functions at communication layer after "De-LibP2P";

5, Develop a client console that provides a platform for users to purchase HDDs and view storage information;

6, Optimize the interactive way of storage key generation and initialization >

7, Add tools for creating storage pools to the wallet, so that storage space contributors can create their own storage pools in the wallet;

8, Optimize interaction efficiency between client program and SN;

9, Develop Redo function of the client program when necessary in case of SN node fail-over, to prevent the latest metadata loss caused by SN node fail-over.

10, Deploy active and standby SN nodes of the storage main network

11, Deploy automatic monitoring and automatic operation and maintenance tools for each SN node of storage main network

12,Verify if each SN node can run correctly on storage network

13. Switch tools such as the blockchain browser and background data monitoring to main storage network


Commercial Application and Eco System Construction

1, On Dec. 18th, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of  YottaChain Commercial Application Committee, conducted business discussion and exchange with Mr. Wang Ben, Vice President of FIBRLINK Communications, during which two parties reached a strategic cooperation intention in applying blockchain storage in communication industry.

2, On Dec. 21st, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Commercial Application Committee, was invited to participate in Galaxypool Distributed Storage Consensus Summit held by Kuang Wu Jie Technology. At the summit, Mr. Sun Wenming communicated with the person in charge of Qujing City Public Security Bureau's Information Department, engaging in-depth discussions on application advantages and promotion feasibility of blockchain storage in the public security system and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

3, During Dec. 20-21, Mr. Zhao Weimin, Executive Dean of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, Ms. Yu Jingjing, Deputy Secretary General of YottaChain Education Committee Secretariat, and partners from ShanDong arrived in Malaysia to meet with Dato Philip in Kuala Lumpur. Dato Philip holds very high expectations for YottaChain to land in Malaysia and set Malaysia as a base to reach out Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Singapore. He also said that he will arrange a visit to YottaChain headquarters in the near future.

4, On Dec. 23rd, after a preliminary communication and test, Mr. Zhang Mingjie, CTO of Guangzhou Feimo Technology and Mr. Zhao Weimin, Executive Dean of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, officially signed the world's first commercial contract for YottaChain blockchain storage application to store cold data of the first 150T screen recorder related video recordings in YottaChain blockchain storage resource pool. Guangzhou Feimo and YottaChain ChinaScience StarChain intended to capitalize on blockchain technology to establish a strategic partnership, which will apply big data storage and analysis in e-sports, and build a platform for e-sports competitions and announcements in the future. The signing of this commercial contract signifies their first cooperation step, marking landing of YottaChain blockchain storage in official commercial sector.

5, On Dec. 24th, YottaChain Commercial Application Committee and Phoenix Cloud (Beijing) Information Technology exchanged views on data storage methods in current media industry and advantages of YottaChain blockchain storage products in the media industry. They also discussed in depth how to promote YottaChain blockchain storage in media industry. Finally, the two parties reached a cooperation intention on jointly promoting blockchain storage and commercial application landing.

7, On Dec. 25th, Mr. Zhao Weimin, Executive Dean of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, Program Manager Zhang Xiaofei, Mr. Liu Tao, Director of Ecological Cooperation of China Unicom Intelligent Research Institute, and Solution Director Zhang Liang conducted in-depth technical exchanges, during which they discussed cooperation directions of YottaChain blockchain storage, enterprise cloud disks, and chain reform, and established a communication mechanism. In the future, they will make joint efforts in Unicom smart city solutions.

8, On Dec 25th, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Commercial Application Committee; Mr. Huo Yuanjun, Secretary-General of YottaChain Super Node Committee; Mr. Li Wei, YottaChain Project Manager; Mr. Yang Xinhua, YottaChain Education Committee; Mr. Qin Jian, Business Director of the YottaChain Commercial Application Committee, went to China Mobile Communications Group Tianjin Nankai Hongqiao Branch, where they held business talks with Deputy General Manager Yang Liya and Jike Operations Manager Jia Xinxin. Two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the commercial application of YottaChain and clarified the direction of future cooperation.

9, On Dec. 25th, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Commercial Application Committee; Mr.Huo Yuanjun, Secretary-General of the YottaChain Super Node Committee; Mr. Li Wei, YottaChain Project Manager; Mr. Yang Xinhua, YottaChain Education Committee member; Mr. Qin Jian, Business Director of YottaChain Commercial Application Committee and his team discussed with Mr. Chen Wei, Deputy Director of China's medical and health services. The two sides exchanged views on how YottaChain implements commercial applications in medical industry and reached a cooperation intention.

10, On Dec. 26th, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Commerical Application Committee; Mr. Qin Jian, Business Director of  YottaChain Commercial Application Committee; Mr. Li Wei, Project Manager of YottaChain; Mr. Zhao Ming, Secretary General of Tianjin Big Data Association; Ms. Yuan Xiaomei, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Tianjin Big Data Association; Mr. Zhao Yong, Director of the Platform Cooperation Center; Mr. Xu Xingfa, Director of platform cooperation center; Mr. Pan Fei, from Big Data Training Center / Network Security Training Center exchanged views. The two sides analyzed the current status, landscape and development plan of Tianjin's big data industry, discussed how Tianjin Big Data Association introduces blockchain storage, set the tone to jointly promote YottaChain blockchain business and reached a cooperation intention.

11, On Dec. 26th, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Commercial Application Committee; Mr. Qin Jian, Business Director of YottaChain Commercial Application Committee, exchanged views with Mr. Yang Chun, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Jinfang Technology Investment Development under Tianjin Real Estate Corporation. The introduction of blockchain storage technology is an important initiative to ensure data security in the real estate industry. The two parties made an in-depth analysis of the application of YottaChain blockchain storage products in real estate industry and reached a cooperation intention.

12, On Dec. 27th, the founding team of YottaChain visited Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute in Zhejiang, where they discussed the layout of Yotta Ecological Fund, implementation of commercial applications, and integration of blockchain technology and real economy, and also discussed how to jointly build a multi-dimensional ecosystem in application of blockchain technology, so that jointly build infrastructure for construction of China's digital economy and facilitate high-quality development of China's economy.

13, On Dec. 27th, the founding team of YottaChain visited Alibaba's Hangzhou headquarters and negotiated strategic cooperation with relevant business departments on independent innovation of blockchain technology, commercial application landing, and resource integration. YottaChain has received strong recognition from the medical, media, security and other industries such as low-frequency storage, CDN network acceleration, disaster recovery backup, and persistent storage markets. With these achievements, YottaChain is developing strategic partners worldwide to jointly build a blockchain storage ecosystem.


Remarkable Achievements in Market Campaigns

1. On Dec. 21st, Mr.Li Zhibiao, Secretary General of YottaChain Community Committee and investigator of China Blockchain Professional Committee, held discussions with entrepreneurs from all over the country who came to inspect YottaChain storage public chain project at the headquarters of YottaChain Ecological Community Committee, during which they studied the significance of "1024" national strategy for innovation of blockchain technology, learned blockchain development  history in the world, and deeply analyzed the impact of the innovation and application of China's blockchain technology on the future global economy.

2. On Dec. 24th, YottaChain held the launching ceremony to celebrate the full launch of main network in Beijing. Academician Lu Jun; Academician Sun Lili; Academician Wang Guofa; Academician Sun Jinsheng; Academician Shan Zhongde; Mr. Huang Tiejun, Head of the Computer Department of Peking University; Mr. Xing Chunxiao, Deputy Dean of the Tsinghua Institute of Information Technology; Mr.Fan Dongrui, Director of State Key Laboratory of Computer Architecture, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ms. Xu Jing, Deputy Dean of Nankai Institute of Artificial Intelligence; Mr. Liu Lanbiao, Deputy Dean of Nankai Institute of Finance; Mr. Chen Xi, Chairman of the China International Science Exchange Foundation of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Mr. Zhao Xiaofan, former Director of the Software Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology / Former China Software Industry Association; Mr.Ding Wenwu, general manager of the large fund / former director of electronics department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Mr. Wang De, director of the financial management department of the State Affairs Authority; Mr. Wen Tiehua, deputy director of the China Information Center; Mr. Dai Wei, former director of the Zhongguancun management committee; Mr. Song Jianxin, former Deputy Director of the Digital Publishing Department of the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television; Mr. Hua Pinglan, former director of the Beijing Information Office; Mr. Liu Huaisong, president of the Beijing Software Association; Mr.Jiang Pengming, chairman of the Zhongguancun Technology Entrepreneurs Association, and many founders of IT listed companies / technical leaders, major media, user representatives, partners, and YottaChain founding team and more than 300 people from each of the super nodes attended the event, witnessing YottaChain is a leader in public storage chain and representing China to surpass similar projects in the United States.


3. On Dec. 19th, YottaChain Mainnet Launching Business Seminar was hold in Beijing. Under the theme of “Reshape the Present and Store the Future”, the representatives of the YottaChain founding team and Community Governance Committee discussed the latest progress made on mainnet, ecological construction and commercial application landing.  Mr. Zhao Weimin, Executive Dean of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, expressed enterprise cloud disk is valuable intangible asset. At present, ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute and Shusheng Cloud Disk have reached a cooperation to provide YottaChain object storage services to create an interstellar-scale enterprise cloud disk. YottaChain held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony, in which YottaChain formally reached strategic cooperation with GTA and SGT respectively.


4. In the context of Shenzhen's dedication to creating a pilot zone for  digital economy innovation and development, 2019 Digital Mining Summit was held in Shenzhen on Dec. 21st. With a purpose to explore innovation and evolution of blockchain industry, the summit was held to promote win-win development, set up awards in the corresponding subdivided areas with great development prospects to encourage technical achievement, thus receiving continuous attention from the public users. With its own innovative blockchain storage technology, YottaChain has yielded outstanding results in one year's development. The blockchain storage project YottaChain was awarded the "2019 Most Innovative Public Chain".