YottaChain Project Biweekly Report (Feb.17th - Feb.29th)
2020-03-13 11:31:53


Recent technology development progress:


1. Implemented data verification function for merging storage server on YottaChain mainnet and offered automatic packaging to facilitate testing;

2. Modified P2P communication layer interface to further improve file upload / download transfer speed;

3. Improved deployment process for R&D network storage server and SN, so that ensure the rapid deployment for mainnet access;

4. Optimized S3 authentication mechanism on SN, thus improving file upload / download speed and stability;

5. Bettered reconstruction mechanism and compressed reconstruction tasks, thereby reducing network bandwidth and further improving the upload / download transfer speed for storage network files;

6. Tested and released the new version of storage network to realize a high speed single S3 client file upload / download transfer speed, which is more than 10 times faster;

7. Optimized consistency monitoring for storage network, therefore improved its consistency and stability;

8. Optimized some functional process including packaging, deployment, and testing to improve overall operational efficiency;

9. Fixed some bugs with YB browser to render better user experience.



Commercial Application and Eco System Construction


1. On February 17th, Yotta Beijing ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute and Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance reached an agreement on national 1142 big data strategic demonstration project cooperation, in which the two parties plan to unveil a demonstration project this year. The institute is currently recruiting project partners to participate in plan drafting.


2. On February 18th, the head of Yotta Beijing ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute and the dean of Business School of Renmin University of China, Professor Mao Jiye, reached a cooperation intention through thorough discussion. The two parties intend to jointly develop and contribute business case by translating YottaChain business practices in digital economy field.


3. On February 20th, Yotta Beijing ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute communicated with China Unicom E-commerce Center, reaching a cooperation intention. The two sides will prepare a solution in cross-industry cooperation and jointly develop new business opportunities.


5. On February 20th, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Business Application Committee, reached a cooperative agreement on intelligent network storage disaster recovery with ShangDong YanXi company.


5. On February 21st, Yotta Beijing ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute and China Telecom Research Institute exchanged ideas, expressing bilateral willingness to reach a cooperation on blockchain solutions. In the near future, China Telecom Research Institute will conduct related technology research on YottaChain's client, NongXinTong Group.


6. On February 23rd, Yotta Beijing ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute engaged with Yungao Beidou Big Data Industrial Park. The two parties will exploit their respective advantages to apply YottaChain storage in current solutions.


7. On February 25th, the head of Yotta Beijing ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute communicated with Mr. Zhao Jianghe, director of the People's Daily Big Data Center, during which two parties reached a cooperation intention on the 1142 big data strategic demonstration project.


2. On February 26th, researchers of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute submitted sub-project outline named "Distributed Storage System Based on Blockchain", a part of major project "Digital Economy New Infrastructure" developed by National Development and Reform Commission, which will be approved recently.


9. On February 28th, the latest version of interstellar cloud disk, which is integrated by Yotta Beijing ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, will be under docking test. The latest version of YottaChain blockchain storage will provide services via Chengdu Yaota Big Data and its general agent in the near future.




Remarkable Achievements in Market Campaigns


1. On February 14th, S-DATA storage public chain( incubated by  YottaChain ecosystem ) conference was grandly held in Hanoi, during which more than 200 participants from related industries such as blockchain, IT, media, and community witnessed first storage public chain released in Vietnam. It is reported that S-DATA will provide a complete storage solution, through which expanding commercial applications based on the public chain platform and building a complete ecology, so that reshape data storage structure, and rev up digital economy in Vietnam and even in the globe .


2. Facing the raging epidemic, Chinese people made concerted efforts to battle against virus. In order to express gratitude to community users, and to pay tribute to those frontline staff fighting the epidemic, YottaChain launched a short video solicitation campaign "Come on Wuhan". The event successfully concluded on February 28th, and the prizes will be distributed within 7 working days.


3. The main network of YottaChain is launched, and the ecological community has started to promote commercial cooperation. In order to strengthen the promotion and deepen the understanding towards products, YottaChain has planned a training program targeting current products and ecosystem. Recently, a commercial training plan has been completed, and preliminary preparations are also underway. After the epidemic is over, YottaChain will organize offline training sessions.