Redefine Blockchain Storage
About YottaChain

Storage is the best scenario of BlockChain transformation of real economy, and YottaChain is the leader of BlockChain storage public chain.

YottaChain is created by a professional team led by top international scientists,It builds a massive interstellar storage pool by connecting the distributed resources around the world. The pool overwhelms the existing centralized storage technology with ten thousand times higher reliability, a fraction of the original cost, DDoS resistance, and disaster tolerance and other features, so as to guarantee the data sovereignty of each user.

Redefine blockchain storage by YottaChain
BlockChain storage is the incentive of decentralized storage and BlockChain, which is not only the infrastructure of BlockChain, but also the best scenario to change the real economy with BlockChain.
Exclusive patented technology integrating data encryption and deduplication

Both zero-knowledge encryption and cross-user de-duplication, which were firmly believed to be incompatible in the “common sense” of whole industry, are decisive to blockchain storage. However, YottaChain has now solved this “impossible” problem in a disruptive way and has been grantedglobal patents for the “deduplication after encryption” technology.

Encryption: each storage node is not trusted, personal & enterprise data must be zero-knowledge encrypted before being stored; Deduplication: cross-user data deduplication can enlarge storage space a lot, significantly reduce cost, and generate magic incentive model when combines with blockchain.

Data security mechanism ensures data sovereignty
Data is 10K+ times more reliable than centralized storage
Storage cost is reduced to 1/5 or less
Seamlessly migrates applications of centralized storage
Open platform for blockchain storage without competition
Economic model integrating hedge and liquidity
System structure of YottaChain
YottaChain system architecture consists of six layers: application layer, YTAChain, BSP platform, resource pass, resource pool, governance structure.